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We realize purchasing a property is very stressful, but with the right professionals on your side it can be very rewarding. The inspectors at Robbins Services Home Inspection Company are equipped with the most high-tech reporting software and tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, and metal detectors. Their advanced training combined with their high-tech toolbelt allows for a thorough evaluation of your property and the ability to identify hidden defects others may overlook. Reports are written in an easy to read format and equipped with a defect’s summary, so items can be easily compiled into repair requests. All inspectors are licensed by the State of Florida and are fully insured with both General Liability (GL) and Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance policies.

At Robbins Services we understand the temptation of hiring a discounted service in the middle of a major purchase, but it could be more costly in the long run. The companies that provide these services generally operate quantity over quality in order to survive and may miss costly defects you could have had the seller repair.

Protect yourself; hire a qualified inspection company that is properly trained and insured. We have your best interests in mind and will take the time required to conduct your inspection properly and provide you with a professional detail report.

Robbins Services Home Inspection Company

Chris was born and raised in Central Florida. He spent his early summers helping his grandfather, father, and uncle on construction sites where he learned the value of an honest day’s work. He enjoyed the time spent on the job with his family and admired the appreciation their clients had for the quality job they provided. He discovered helping others, meeting new people, and building a reputation for hard work were things he admired.

Chris strives to continue this legacy daily. By consistently improving his experience and education in order to provide his clients the best possible experience. Here are some of his certifications; Graduate Inspection Certification Associates – Real Estate Inspection Certification – Wind Mitigation Certification – Certified Residential Thermography.

When not inspecting; Chris spends his time with his children. He enjoys working on projects around the house and being outdoors rv’ing, golfing, fishing, kayaking, and treasure hunting at flea markets, garage sales or occasionally fossil hunting. He enjoys the outdoors and Old Florida rivers are his happy place.