Lead Paint Inspection (3rd Party)

As Lead Paint Inspectors in Clearwater, we specialize in ensuring residential properties meet safety standards by meticulously assessing and addressing lead paint hazards


Lead Paint Inspection (3rd Party)

For homes built in 1978 or earlier, the possibility of lead paint exists, and ensuring your family's safety is our priority. We collaborate with trusted professionals using cutting-edge XRF technology to conduct a comprehensive inspection of over 100 areas of the home. This method covers walls, ceilings, and trims both indoors and outdoors with pinpoint accuracy. The result is a computer-generated, detailed report that removes any uncertainty about the presence of lead-based paint.

In contrast, many contractors rely on $5 lead test kits from local stores, testing only a few spots in the home. These kits have faced criticism for accuracy and reliability from sources like WebMD and the Federal Government. Choosing accuracy and safety is crucial to safeguard your family's well-being.

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