Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Residential Property Inspections

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Potential hurricanes and hail storms are a common phenomenon in Florida. As a result, when buying a house in this state, you need to ensure that the place can withstand the elements. A home inspector can check to see if the house you’re interested in fulfills the mandatory code and can withstand hazardous weather conditions. Similarly, sellers can also gain significantly from hiring a home inspector.

However, when it comes to home inspections in the sunshine state, clients often have a ton of questions and find answers difficult to come by. Consequently, Robbins Services Home Inspection Company wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you understand the process and what’s required. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Florida residential property inspections.

1. I’m selling my home. Should I get a pre-listing inspection?
It’s advisable to get a pre-listing inspection as it offers the following benefits:

(a) It provides potential buyers with a recent home inspection report from a reputable company, which is an excellent representation of good faith and portrays you as an open and honest seller.

(b) Repairs made based on the inspection report show buyers you want to provide them with a good home.

(c) You can use the inspection to obtain repair quotes, so you have a good idea of what buyers may request for repairs or concessions. It will also arm you with knowledge at the negotiating table.

(d) It gives you a layer of legal protection due to buyers waiving inspections in the current market.

(e) In this market, realtors are in heavy competition, and some agents may promote this inspection as a way to get listings over other agents.

2. What is a 4 Point Inspection Report?
Insurance companies commonly require this independent report for houses over twenty-five years old and condominiums over forty to fifty years old to determine if a property qualifies for insurance. This inspection is used to identify the condition, age, defects, and safety concerns regarding the four major systems of the home – electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing.

3. I’m getting a home inspection. Do I also need a 4 Point Inspection?
If the home is over twenty years old, your insurance company will likely require a 4 Point Inspection. We recommend checking with your insurance company to be sure. Your realtor may also request you to obtain a 4 Point for increased negotiating power and to alleviate issues that could arise with your purchase.

In most cases, it’s crucial to correct deficiencies noted on the 4 Point before closing as you will not be able to obtain insurance without a “clean” 4 Point Report, and most mortgage companies will not provide a loan without proof of insurance.

4. What is Wind Mitigation?
A Wind Mitigation Inspection identifies the specific building and add-on features to the home known to reduce damage to the property during a strong windstorm or hurricane. Insurance companies use this report to determine what insurance credits (if any) apply to the house.

5. For how long is a 4 Point Inspection Report valid?
Currently, it is valid for one year.

6. How long is a Wind Mitigation Report valid?
Currently, it is valid for five years.

7. How is a complete home inspection different from a 4 Point Inspection?
A 4 Point Inspection is a basic assessment and is solely done to obtain an insurance policy. It records ages and deficiencies with a simple check box approach for only four parts of the home where items that could result in an insurance claim.

On the other hand, a home inspection is more comprehensive as it entails a thorough exterior property inspection traversing through attics and crawl spaces. 

It also includes reporting conditions of building materials system components, structural integrity, plumbing, electrical areas, and testing of HVAC functionality. To find out more about the complete home inspection scope, you can visit

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